Regional Sediment Management (RSM) Program

The USACE initiated implementation of the Regional Sediment Management (RSM) Program in 1999 with the objective of optimizing the utilization of sediments and management of projects through a systems-based approach. The RSM program supports sustainable navigation and dredging, flood and storm damage reduction, and environmental practices in order to increase overall benefits and reduce lifecycle costs. RSM strives to enhance the planning, construction, and operation and maintenance of projects where the exchange of sediments would occur naturally. RSM is also a means to involve stakeholders to leverage resources, share technology and data, identify needs and opportunities, and develop solutions to improve the utilization and management of sediments. The main focus is to better understand the regional sediment transport processes through integration of regional data and application of tools which improve our knowledge of the regional processes, understand and share demands for sediment, and identify and implement adaptive management strategies to optimize use of sediments and streamline projects. Benefits of this approach are improved partnerships with stakeholders, improved sediment utilization and project management on a regional scale, improved environmental stewardship, and reduced overall lifecycle costs.

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