Shinnecock Bay - June 1938

June 1938

These images feature the South shore of Long Island from Montauk Point to just west of Moriches Inlet.

Photograph dates: June 30, 1938 for Great South Beach to Ponds region and July 6, 1938 for Montauk region.

Aerial flight service: Believed to be U. S. Army Air Corps, Mitchel Field, NY (based on labels on other Long Island photographs from the same era).

Mosaic: Photographs mosaiced at an unknown date. No documentation is available stating if a study was published using these images. Mosaiced images are shown with part of the cardboard backing.

Numbering convention: Digital images are labeled from east to west, beginning at Great South Beach and ending at Montauk point. Images labeled with "a" or "b" are single prints that were not used in the mosaic.

Historical note: These photographs were taken before the Great New England Hurricane of September 24, 1938. Shinnecock Inlet was not open at this time, but the present location of Shinnecock Inlet is marked by a narrow man-made channel extending part way across the barrier from Shinnecock Bay. The channel was dug in the early 1900's in an attempt to open a permanent inlet to improve circulation in the bay. However, the artificial channel closed quickly due to the large littoral drift along the ocean coast.

Scanner: Umax

Resolution: 400 x 400 dpi

Emphasis: Scanned to emphasize features on the beach. Note that although the original photographs are in good condition, there is very litle texture and tonality on the beaches. The sand areas are almost completely white.
Scanning date: March 2002.


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June 1938 Pre-hurricane Images
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June 1938 Pre-hurricane Images
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