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Made available by the ERDC
Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory

These images have been recovered from the archives of the Beach Erosion Board and the Coastal Engineering Research Center. They were compiled and organized at the Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory, Engineer Research and Development Center, Vicksburg, Mississippi USA.

Photos Overview:
Regional Coastal Photograph Archive of the Beach Erosion Board (1.29Mbytes pdf)
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Atlantic shore of Delaware
1941 Atlantic shore of Delaware from Cape Henlopen to Fenwick Island

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Louisiana Grande Isle Regional
1953 Shore near Caminada, Grand Isle, and Grand Terre

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Atlantic Coast, Maryland
1936 Ocean City

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New Jersey

New Jersey Regional
1920 New Jersey Shore
1933 New Jersey Shore
1944 New Jersey Shore
1944 New Jersey Shore - After Hurricane - Oblique Photos
1962 New Jersey Shore

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New York (Long Island)

Long Island Regional
1938, June - South Shore Long Island - Pre-hurricane
1938, September - South Shore Long Island - Post-hurricane
1939 South Shore Long Island
1941 South Shore Long Island
1954 South Shore Long Island
1962 Ash Wednesday Storm
1972 South Shore Long Island
Special: 1951 Jones Island Mosaic

Fire Island Inlet
June 1936
July 1936
September 1936
October 1936
January 1937
July 1937
August 1937
January 1942

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North Carolina

North Carolina, Various
Historical photographs of the Outer Banks of North Carolina
FRF Pier Aerial Photos - Duck, North Carolina
Oregon Inlet Aerial Photos - North Carolina

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Andrew Morang, Ph.D.
Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory, HC-SE
Engineer Research and Development Center
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Vicksburg, MS 39180-5002 USA
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