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Corps to Launch Sand Management Cost Shared Study, Galveston Bay, TX

The district and the Galveston Park Board of Trustees pursued a sand management cost-shared study following the establishment of a partnership last year to develop a science-based sand management strategy that could potentially prevent erosion of the island’s shoreline and reduce the long-term cost of beach maintenance.

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Largest beach replenishment project in state history finished at Iroquois Point

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Physical Modeling of Nearshore-Placed Dredged Material - Inland Port

"Improved dredging is crucial for the future of inland waterways and ports. A USACE Study has found that dredged material placed within the surf zone can be effective in reducing shoreline erosion in the vicinity of the placement site."

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FL Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) Awards SAJ Permit for Anna Maria Island, Manatee County

In support of the Manatee County FCCE emergency nourishment for Anna Maria Island (Hurricane Debby), a permit was necessary to use a new borrow site at Passage Key Inlet.  Because of the RSM work in Manatee County over the past two years, SAJ-EN-WC was able to provide a rapid response to a request from the FDEP for a CMS model of the borrow site.  Under an extraordinarily short deadline, the model was produced with enough evidence to provide assurances to the FDEP so that they were able to award the permit.  Without the RSM framework for the SW Gulf of FL, it would not have been possible to provide the product requested by the FDEP in the time allotted.  As of 18 September 2013, the Permit is in place and a contract has been awarded to perform the necessary emergency nourishment at Anna Maria Island.  Indeed a success for SAJ.

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