US Army Corps of Engineers

National Regional Sediment Management Program

RSM-U Reservoir Sediment Management Workshop
for Planners, Regulators, and Managers
15-17 August 2017

USACE Risk Management Center
Lakewood, Colorado

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Tuesday, 15 August

0830 Introduction
0900 Making the Problem Real
   Extreme Examples of Reservoir Sedimentation
   Reservoir Sedimentation Defined
0915 The Regional Sediment Management Program (RSM) and RSM-U
0945 The Future of Reservoirs without Action
1015 The Need for Reservoirs?
   Guest Lecture by Dr. George Annandale - Discussing Water Supply, Future Supply Limitations, and Reservoir Economics
1115 The Need for Reservoirs? Pt. 2
   Flood Risk Reduction, Hydropower, Fish and Wildlife, Recreation, Irrigation
1300 The National Perspective - Status of USACE and Reclamation Reservoirs
1330 Mechanics of Reservoir Sedimentation
   Sediment Yield from the Watershed
   In-channel sources
   Delta Progression/Formation/Deposition
1430 Depart (carpool) for Reclamation Sedimentation Lab Tour
1500 Reclamation Sedimentation Lab Tour
1630 End of Tour
1800Group Dinner

Wednesday, 16 August

0800 How Do We Measure Reservoir Loading and Sedimentation
0830 Reservoir Problems - Lost Benefits, In-Reservoir Environmental Effects, and Dam Safety Issues
0915 Upstream Channel Effects of Sedimentation
0945 Downstream Impacts of Reservoir Sedimentation
1015 Reservoir Sediment Management Actions
   Part 1 - Preventing Sediment from Entering Reservoirs
   Part 2 - Reacting to Sediment
   Part 3 - Sustainability Actions - John Redmond and Millsite Case Studies
1300 Reservoir Sediment Management Actions - Continued
   Part 3 - Sustainability Actions
1400 Hands-on Demonstrations of Reservoir Sediment Management
   Sediment Management Techniquest - Turbidity Current Venting
1515 Screening Level Analysis Methods for Reservoir Sediment Management
1600 Modeling Level Analysis Methods for Reservoir Sediment Management
1630 Who Pays for the Sins of the Watershed?
1630 Adjourn

Thursday, 17 August

0800 Downstream Impacts of Reservoir Management
0830 Reservoir Sediment Management Regulation
   Guest Lecture by Dr. Rollin Hotchkiss
0850 The USACE Regulatory Process
0900 Regulatory Case Studies
   Kanopolis, Cherry Creek, Fall Creek, Spencer, Paonia, Millsite
1015 Permitting Case Studies - Group Exercise on Permit Requirements
   Tuttle Creek Dam, Gavins Point Dam, Cochiti Dam
1115 Presentation of Permit Requirements
1200 Workshop Evaluation and Feedback
1330 Case Study Presentation on Cherry Creek Pressure Flushing
1345 Depart for Cherry Creek Dam
1415 Site Visit at Cherry Creek Dam
1600 End of Workshop
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