US Army Corps of Engineers

National Regional Sediment Management Program

2021 RSM In-Progress-Review (IPR)
21 - 23 September 2021

The annual Regional Sediment Management (RSM) In-Progress-Review and Successes/Challenges Working Meeting was held 21-23 September 2021 via Webex.


September 21, 2021

Start time Title District, ERDC, HEC Presenter
1300 Welcome/Logistics ERDC PM/DPMs
1305 Navigation Technical Director Comments ERDC Eddie Wiggins
1335 RSM Program Update ERDC Katie Brutsché
1355 SandSnap: Web Application Development ERDC McFall/Young
1415 Ensemble Riprap Calculator in HEC-RAS, Year 2 HEC Stanford Gibson
1435 Building Best Practices in Regional Sediment Modeling with Web Videos HEC Stanford Gibson
1455 BREAK
1510 USACE Navigation Portal ERDC Ned Mitchell
1540 Beneficial Use Database and Viewer Updates ERDC Emery/Hartman
1600 Geomorphic Analysis Package, Phase II ERDC Casey Mayne
1620 FRAME Tool ERDC Travis Dahl
1640 Cross-section Viewer Tool NWK John Shelley
1700 Discussion/Wrap-Up

September 22, 2021

Start time Title District, ERDC, HEC Presenter
1300 WRDC 2020 Section 125 Overview HQ Jase Ousley
1330 Lower Columbia River RSM Plan: Application of Reach-based Strategies for Beneficial Use of Dredged Material NWP Woolbright
1345 Improved BU Wetland Planning: RSM Scenario Planning with the Marsh Equilibrium Model ERDC Piercy/Boyd
1400 A Systems Approach to Beneficially Use Fine and Coarse-grained Dredged Material at the Confluence of the Delaware and Salem Rivers NAP Chasten/Renaud
1415 Synthesis of Sediment Budget Assessments along the Northern Gulf of Mexico NAP/ERDC Godsey/Sylvester
1430 BREAK
1445 National Coastal Mapping Program ERDC Jennifer Wozencraft
1515 Northeast Florida RSM - A Guide to Using Dredged Material for Estuarine Restoration SAJ Aubree Hershorin
1530 CORSED Consolidated Sediment Transport Code ERDC Earl Hayter
1545 Field Implementation of Belowground Biomass for Increased Dune Stability and Resilience SAM/ERDC Provost/Godsey
1600 Predicting the Fate of a Beach Placement, Dredged from Duluth-Superior Harbor LRE/ERDC Malburg/Wadman
1615 Sediment Budget Improvements to Support the National RSM Strategy ERDC Sean McGill
1630 Sedument Budget for the Calcasieu Ship Channel Based on Numerical Modeling and Geochemical Fingerprinting Data MVN/ERDC Corbino/Perkey
1645 Discussion/Wrap-up

September 23, 2021

Start time Title District, ERDC, HEC Presenter
1300 River Engineering Working Group RWG Eddie Brauer
1330 James River Federal Navigation Channel, Middle James River NAO/ERDC Lackey/Roberts
1345 Improving Floodplain Sedimentation Analysis for RSM NWK/HEC Shelly/Gibson
1400 Restoring Iao Sediment Continuity to Manage Lifecycle Costs POH/HEC/ERDC Brunty/Gibson/Dahl
1415 Hawaii RSM - Sunset Beach Remote Sensing POH Podoski/Molina/Bruder/Wadman
1430 BREAK
1445 Identification of Dredged Material Beneficial Uses from Geophysical Analysis of Sediment Borings ERDC/SAS Perkey/Janocha
1500 Application of Shallow Acoustic Reflection Seismic (CHIRP) Data to Reservoir Storage NWO/ERDC Wadman/Boyd
1515 San Luis Rey Longshore Sand Transport Investigation SPL/ERDC Majd/Savant
1530 Victoria Bend Comprehensive System Investigation MVK/ERDC Jones/Berrios-Williamson
1545 Geomorphic Assessment of the St. Francis River, Phase 2 MVM Michael Lamport
1600 Evaluation of Structural and operational Alternatives to Optimize the Distribution of Water and Sediment in the Passes of the Mississippi River MVN/ERDC Corbino/Copeland/Dunkin
1615 Analysis of Bed-Load Flume Measurements and ISSDOTv2 Calculations ERDC Tate McAlpin
1630 Discussion/Wrap-up

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