US Army Corps of Engineers

National Regional Sediment Management Program

Sediment Budget Workshop (SBAS)
13 Feb 2018

Detroit District Offices

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Sediment budgets provide an understanding of the regions sediment sources, project needs, processes, data gaps, engineering actions, and ecological considerations. Data, such as elevation data from profiles or lidar, along with sediment characteristics, and dredging and placement information, are used to understand sediment pathways and develop sediment budgets for a region. The purpose of the training was to provide knowledge of Sediment Budgets and the Sediment Budget Analysis System (SBAS) that will be implemented in ongoing and upcoming projects around the Great Lakes for the Coastal Resiliency Study.


Tuesday, 13 February

Registration and Seating (Bring your own coffee)
0800 - 0830 Workshop Purpose and Introductions Katie Brutsché
0830 - 0900 Introduction to Great Lakes Processes Jim Selegean
0900 - 0930 Overview of Sediment Budgets
- What are they
- How are they useful
- Types of Sediment Budgets (Conceptual, interim, operations)
Katie Brutsché
0930 - 1030 Sediment Budget Components & Data Sources
- Dredging Records
- Beach nourishment
- Beach Voolume and Shoreline Change
- Inlet Morphology
- Coastal Processes
  - GenCade

Lauren Dunkin
Katie Brutsché
Michael Hartman
Lauren Dunkin
Katie Brutsché
Katie Brutsché
Rusty Permenter
1045 - 1200 SBAS ArcMap Toolbox
- SBAS Steps
- Volume/shoreline change toolbox
- Distribute data files
Rose Dopsovic
Lauren Dunkin
1300 - 1445 SBAS ArcMap Demo (datasets from LRE) Lauren Dunkin
1500 - 1530 SBAS Enterprise
- Web Services
- Web Map
Rose Dopsovic
Rose Dopsovic
Lauren Dunkin
1530 - 1700 Review SBAS demo, datasets and tools Team
1700 Adjourn

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