US Army Corps of Engineers

National Regional Sediment Management Program

January 7, 2016 @ 1200 PST (1500 EST)
Monitoring and Modeling a Reservoir Flush

Simulating Sustainable Reservoir Management at Spencer Dam with an
HEC-RAS Unsteady Sediment Model and New Sediment Operational Rules

NWO, HEC, USGS, Missouri River Recovery Program, and the RSM Program collaborated on an effort to collect data before, during, and after a schedule reservoir flush at Spencer Dam on the Niobrara River to allow validation testing of the HEC-RAS model for reservoir management modeling.  This is the 1st validated reservoir flushing model developed in HEC-RAS which will demonstrate and improve the USACE capabilities to assess reservoir sediment management alternatives.   The results of the effort will assist to refine HEC-RAS sediment transport tools for reservoirs.

Presentation (PDF)

Stanford Gibson, HEC
Paul Boyd, NWO

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