US Army Corps of Engineers

National Regional Sediment Management Program

2020 RSM In-Progress-Review (IPR)
11 - 13 August 2020


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The annual Regional Sediment Management (RSM) In-Progress-Review and Successes/Challenges Working Meeting was held 11-13 August 2020 via Webex.


August 11, 2020

Start time Title District, ERDC, HEC Presenter
1300 Nav Update/RSM Program Update ERDC Wiggins/Brutsche
1320 Beneficial Use Database and Viewer Updates ERDC Hartman/Eisemann
1340 Life-Cycle Cost Analysis of RSM Strategies NWP/ERDC Norton/Piercy
1400 CORSED Consolidated Sediment Transport Code ERDC Earl Hayter
1420 Sediment Budget Improvements to Support the National RSM Strategy ERDC Eisemann
1440 Improving Communication of Nearshore Nourishment Benefits ERDC McFall/Krafft
1500 BREAK
1520 Exploring an Interagency Geomorphic Data Exchange Portal NWO Paul Boyd
1540 Ensemble Riprap Calculator in HEC-RAS HEC Stanford Gibson
1600 Geomorphic Analysis Package ERDC Casey Mayne
1620 FRAME Tool ERDC Dahl/Biedenharn
1640 Cross-section Viewer Tool NWK John Shelley

August 12, 2020

Start time Title District, ERDC, HEC Presenter
1300 Post-Project Monitoring of a Navigation Solution in a Dynamic Coastal Environment, Smith Island, Maryland NAB Jacqui Seiple/Safra Altman
1315 James River Federal Navigation Channel, Lower Reaches NAO/ERDC Lackey/Roberts
1330 South Shore of Long Island, NY RSM Investigation NAN Tommaso/Heer
1345 BUDM and Marsh Restoration in the Delaware River Estuary (Salem River) NAP Leary/Chasten
1400 Separation of Sand and Fine Sediment during Navigation Dredging Operations ERDC Jarrell Smith
1415 BREAK
1430 Field Implementation of Belowground Biomass for Increased Dune Stability and Resilience SAM/ERDC Eisemann
1445 BU Opportunities for Wetland Sites Associated with O&M Projects SAM/ERDC Godsey/Mroczko/Runion
1500 Optimization of CTV BUS2 through Adaptive Management and Implementation of the Guadalupe River Mouth Marsh Restoration Initiative SWG Aron Edwards
1515 Hydrodynamic Controls of Sand Wave Growth in the Lower Columbia River NWP Stolt/Cohn
1530 Hawaii RSM - Sunset Beach Remote Sensing POH Podoski/Molina/Bruder/Wadman
1630 Discussion/Wrap-up

August 13, 2020

Start time Title District, ERDC, HEC Presenter
1300 Geochemical Fingerprinting - Calcasieu Ship Channel MVN Corbino/Perkey
1315 Geomorphic Assessment of the St. Francis River MVM Holly Enlow
1330 Longevity and Effectiveness of Nature-Based Bank Protection for Reducing Sediment Loading NWK Shelly/Haring
1345 Comparison of 1D and 2D Sediment Models using HEC-RAS for the Chippewa River NAP Leary/Chasten
1400 BREAK
1415 Application of Shallow Acoustic Reflection Seismic (CHIRP) Data to Reservoir Storage NWO Paul Boyd
1430 Guidance for Incorporating RSM into the Design of Channel Systems MVK/ERDC Keaton Jones
1445 Sediment Yield for the Mississippi River ERDC Ahmad Tavakoly
1500 Flume Studies to Validate ISSDOT v2 ERDC Abraham/McAlpin
1515 Discussion/Wrap-up
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